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FUSION FORWARD revisits the fundamentals of cybersecurity that we’ve tackled in prior DECODE events, risk management, data privacy, cybercrime, and emerging threats and technologies, and explores how all of those combine or FUSE, to create a forward-looking, robust and resilient cybersecurity direction for organizations. We will also explore in detail both the benefits and risks posed by Generative AI as it becomes a ubiquitous part of our lives.

Along this journey, DECODE 2024 promises to provide guidance through the unique and novel challenges that the ever-changing threat landscape throws at us. It promises to equip you with new skills and knowledge that you will need for the journey forward. It will empower you to detect the threats as they come and enable you to thwart them before they can inflict damage.

Through the fusion of key cybersecurity fundamentals, DECODE 2024 empowers you to forge ahead with certainty into the future, assured that you possess the capabilities to anticipate threats and react with agility and assurance

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