Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enter the event?

Login with your credentials at our Decode website – decodeph.com and hit Enter Event at the homepage.

I’m having problems logging into the event. I tried my credentials and it’s not working.

Kindly try resetting your password at our Decode website – decodeph.com Once completed, re-login and hit Enter Event in the homepage. Should you continue encountering an error, please provide screenshots and send them to decode@trendmicro.com


How do I schedule the sessions I’ll be joining in?

Visit MyAgenda from the Lobby and open Full Agenda. Browse through our list of sessions and select which one you’re interested in then hit Add to MyAgenda.

How do I join the sessions?

You may either join through your MyAgenda or simply visit our Auditorium from the Lobby or Navigation bar and join the active sessions there.

Can I view sessions I missed?

All sessions will be made available in our Auditorium On-Demand. Visit the Auditorium and select the sessions you missed from the list. You may also filter or view these per track.

Aside from the video replays, can we ask for the presentations (ppts) used by the speakers?

We will not be sharing presentations used during DECODE. You can watch the recordings of the presentations on-demand in our website anytime until July 2023. Alternatively, you can check the Trend Micro Research booth for reports and research papers from our experts.

The video is not playing or is broken.

There might be incompatibility issues with your browser. Try clearing your cache or using a different browser. The event platform works best in Google Chrome (mobile/desktop). Should you continue encountering an error, please provide screenshots and send them to decode@trendmicro.com


How do I interact with the speakers and other attendees?

Speakers and Expert Representatives are available for chatting during the networking breaks at the Lounge. Visit the lounge directly from the Auditorium or from the Lobby. You may chat with them and other attendees as well from the Chat icon in our Navigation Bar. You may also want to check the suggested network from our Networking section (powered by the event platform AI).
Please be mindful of our Code of Conduct while in the event.

How do I get rid of an attendee trying to chat with me?

You may set your online status to Away or Do Not Disturb from the top-right section of the event. You may also report any misbehavior to us by chatting with the event organizers at our Helpdesk.


How can I see my points in the leaderboard / where can I see my accumulated points?

Access the Leaderboard section at the top-right corner of each location in the event.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned by completing certain actions in the event such as attending sessions, answering Checkpoints during Networking Breaks at the Lounge, etc. For a detailed view of our criteria, click Leaderboard on top.

How do points accumulate? How does it work?

Points are granted once for each action in our Leaderboard criteria. An example of this is our criteria for entering the Auditorium. You will only earn the points for this on the first time you enter the Auditorium.

What are the rewards for the points I have earned?

You may exchange these with Decode items redeemable at our Decode Store opening at the end of the event. You may view these items from the Rewards tab in the Leaderboard. Additionally, Top participants will be included in the raffle at our Day 2 Closing.

Will you be issuing a certificate for this event?

Yes, your digital certificates will be available at the Profile page in our website – decodeph.com after the event. This will be automatically downloadable for attendees who have attended at least 80% of the scheduled sessions. You may also request for a digital certificate of attendance by sending an email to decode@trendmicro.com